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Do I Need Impact Resistant Windows?

If you reside in a coastal area that is prone to hurricanes and high winds, these impact resistant windows are a great investment in the protection and safety of your home. Hurricane winds and severe thunderstorms can carry debris that is the single biggest hazard to your property during a powerful wind event. Debris brought by powerful winds can destroy windows, opening the envelope of your home. Once your home’s envelope has been jeopardized, strong winds and rain can cause significant damage to your interior and extensively increases the risk of the structure of your house becoming jeopardized. These can help you safeguard your house– both in and out– by decreasing or preventing damage caused by flying debris in high wind circumstances.


How Do Impact Resistant Windows Work?

They have an unique shatter-resistant glass, similar to the glass that is located in the windshield of your car. This glass, unlike regular panes of glass, includes two layers of regular glass with a shatter-resistant film between them. This shatter-resistant film will keep the broken pieces in position should it be hit by flying debris and break. This protects against the barrier between the interior and exterior of your home from being broken.


How To Find And Install The Very Best Hurricane Windows

These were first designed in response to the disaster of Hurricane Andrew in South Florida in August of 1992. They are effective for shielding your home from high winds and flying debris. They may be installed during building and construction or incorporated down the road as a house improvement project. The cost of these is comparable to other premium windows.


Benefits of Hurricane Windows

Without a doubt, the most significant advantage is guarding your residence from the wind and water during the course of a strong storm. A lot of damage done to homes amid hurricanes occurs as a result of broken windows. Flying debris breaks them then high pressure air enters the home. This high-pressure air can either blow out the window on the opposite side of the house, or blast the roof right off your house. Shutters are commonly used as safeguards. Other individuals panel them up with plywood every year. These are both expensive and labor intensive. Windows produced for hurricanes are always in place, ready to safeguard your house. These storms change course very quickly and it will benefit you to be ready at all times. Some individuals simply cannot take shutters on or off the house, due to physical constraints. These eliminate the need for added work. There are various other perks to these also. They add a degree of security to your house. Given that they are designed to withstand substantial force, they are very difficult to burglarize. The design of the window and the technique of attachment to the house render it tough for a person to get in your house. A lot of insurance companies offer a discount rate for this additional measure of security. Consult your agent to determine if a discount rate is accessible. The film in this inner layer helps protect your house from ultraviolet rays. The UV rays of the sun are able to fade your carpets, curtains or furniture. In addition, the material helps in reducing sound entering the house as well as sunlight.


Construction of Hurricane Windows

These are constructed of two layers of laminated glass. The glass has a durable, plastic film in between the layers. In the unlikely event the window shatters, the film layer remains in place, shielding your home from wind damage and your carpet from the driving rain. The inner layer varies according to the size and style of the window. These products must undergo rigorous assessments to guarantee their performance. Impact tests are performed to simulate both small and large impacts that can arise during a storm. These tests simulate the flying debris that is typical in hurricanes. These windows can normally endure wind speeds of up to 130 miles per hour or more. They can hold up against debris flying at these speeds as well. In addition, the glass is readily available for sky lights and patio doors to protect the whole home.


Installation Procedures

Correct installation is vital for these windows. The most efficient ones on the planet will not safeguard your home if they aren’t installed appropriately. The method of installation depends on the window and the materials used on the outside of the house. In most cases, professional installation is needed. Your warranty could be voided if an unskilled person installs them improperly.